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❤️ So glad I found these courses! 

Hey everyone, just as a means to engage & stay in touch with my fellow students.....I hope your all well & good wherever you are in the world, these are strange & difficult times. I hope you & your families are healthy & staying safe. In Ireland, we have just had another 4000 confirmed cases of COVID!!

Neftali's efforts to put this course together has been a blessing in more ways than one. I think we may be going into another lockdown to slow the second wave and I feel better just having the course to focus on right now!!!! 

Good luck from Ireland for now people!
Thanks Noel Hale for your kind words! Warm greetings from Costa Rica my friend.
Hi, I am just enroll up for free. I'm very excited to attend this course. I wish it help me alot.

Hi Neftali, is it possible if you can share the resources? I am not yet an enrolled student and I am following your videos on Youtube and it would be really nice if non-premium members can follow along too. Thanks!

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