Noel Hale

Owner: Slush Monkeys®
Hello Everyone, I'm Noel, married to Collette. We have two little angels called Heidi & Gracie. I run my own Beverage company and in the last few years have launched the Slush Monkeys®brand. Secret Passion, learning about Webflow & Web development.
Hey everyone, just as a means to engage & stay in touch with my fellow students.....I hope your all well & good wherever you are in the world, these are strange & difficult times. I hope you & your families are healthy & staying safe. In Ireland, we have just had another 4000 confirmed cases of COVID!!

Neftali's efforts to put this course together has been a blessing in more ways than one. I think we may be going into another lockdown to slow the second wave and I feel better just having the course to focus on right now!!!! 

Good luck from Ireland for now people!